StaleFish - Metal Artwork
About The Artist
Jonny Hammond is a local Alaskan Artist/Welder. He lives with his wife and daughter in the suburbs of Anchorage Alaska.  Living the Alaskan lifestyle he spends most of his time outdoors. When not working on his art he has a passion for snowboarding, wakeboarding, and touring the country by motorcycle.  He specializes in custom metal art in wide varieties.  If you can dream it up then he can creat it.  Whether it be an interior wall piece, abstract sculpture, or outdoor firepit, each piece is custom fabricated and unique.  In addition to metal Jonny also does airbrush art.
 Jonny's attitude toward life has an abstract spin itself.  His theory is that "there is plenty of time to sleep when you die...." this abundance of energy shows in each unique piece of art that he creates. 
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
                                                         -Albert Einstein
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